About Us

  In 2008, it cooperated with Dalian University of Technology in establishing fine chemical engineering national key laboratory Zhuhai research and development center;

  In 2011, the national integrated circuit public service platform Seine Science and Technology Innovation Center was officially established;

  In 2011, it integrated with Wuhan University in finishing the image processing techniques development;

  In 2012, the embedded system Ministry of Education engineering center Zhuhai research and development center was established;

  In 2012, Zhejiang University - Seine Science and Technology Co-laboratory was established;

  In 2016, it cooperated with Wuhan University in material and control technology development;

  In 2016, it cooperated with Guangdong University of Technology in material development technology.

Seine-Cardiovascular Medicine 3D Printing United Laboratory of Guangdong provincial People’s Hospital

  Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital established in 1946 is Guangdong’s biggest Grade III Class A general hospital and one of the national hospitals with the largest scale and most powerful comprehensive strength. It possesses powerful specialist team, strong technical force and advanced equipment all in readiness. The hospital covered an area of nearly 230 thousand square meters. There is 5251 working staff, including 4402 health workers and 706 staff with senior professional post title. The inpatient number of bed reaches 2852, the annual discharged patient reaches 110.6 thousand persons and annual operation quantity reaches 74.9. Its cardiovascular research field, which has profound achievements and world-renowned fame, makes a great contribution in training abundant talents in the prevention of cure of China’s cardiovascular disease. 

  The United Laboratory takes the cardiovascular field clinical application and educational application as the core, focuses on medical domain 3D medical application and advanced science and technology, chooses distinctive project and centralizes superior resources in researching key technology field, aiming in obtaining major application achievement in medical domain 3D printing technology through joint efforts.

  United Laboratory will focus on 3D printing technology in cardiovascular field, and integrate specialist resources in conducting fundamental research and clinical application in phases by entering on medical domain. It will joints hands to build the cardiovascular 3D Printing United Laboratory as an international first-rate high level medical science 3D printing center, serving the vast doctors and patients.