Ally with giants to establish Cardiovascular Medicine 3D Printing United Laboratory

2017/06/27 14:14

In the morning of April 27th, 2017, based on the earlier stage communication and cooperation, Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd. signed officially with Cardiovascular Research Institute of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and cooperated to establish Cardiovascular Medicine 3D Printing United Laboratory.



In the agreement signing ceremony, President Zhuang Jian with Deputy Head Chen Jimei, Director Chen Jian and other cardiovascular specialists discussed the cooperative planning with Seine’s technology team, and made a in-depth discussion towards developing field, clinical application, scientific research project approval, laboratory construction and other issues. 

The united laboratory is a medical frontier research and application institute co-founded by Guangdong provincial People’s Hospital and Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd. 

The United Laboratory takes the cardiovascular field clinical application and educational application as the core, focuses on medical domain 3D medical application and advanced science and technology, chooses distinctive project and centralizes superior resources in researching key technology field, aiming in obtaining major application achievement in medical domain 3D printing technology through joint efforts, so as to promote the R&D, dissemination and application of relevant science and technology. 

Through taking advantage of its own technological superiority and allying with the provincial hospitals that have lots of clinical experience and scientific research power, Seine Technology is devoted to pushing the application of 3D printing technology in the cardiovascular clinical area and bringing benefit to the massive patients.