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Smart digital manufacturing technology

Free molding, soft and hard combined printing is easier

Efficient printing, efficiency improvement of 30%

Sailner J501PRO has adopted the independent research and development of science and technology of white ink filling type (WJP) nozzle 3 d printing, can through the three groups of the fifth generation of high-precision nozzle, 12 channels, a total of 3840, the nozzle will be digital after polymer on-demand jet print through light curing. Sailner J501PRO can print water-soluble supporting materials while printing photosensitive resin forming materials, so as to achieve a single molding, so it is easier to remove the supporting structure without damaging the printing parts。


Full color precision printing

SAilner J501PRO Digital color management system, the Digital - color wisdom through a variety of basic water color combination plan, you can use multiple sets of shower nozzle to achieve extremely rich color, can according to need to mark the different organizational structure, parts。


Multi-material soft and hard compound printing

Sailner J501PRO USES high performance polymer digital composite printing technology to realize composite printing of up to six materials. There are hundreds of photosensitive polymers that can be used in the WJP printing technology. The material selection ranges from hard colored materials, transparent body materials, and rubber materials such as rubber materials. From rubber to rigid materials, from transparent materials to opaque materials, from colorless materials to colored materials, from standard grade materials to biocompatible materials. A 3D printing solution for complex surgical models for neurosurgery, cardioascular, tumor, and other complex surgical procedures。

RGD series of hard transparent materials:

Can be combined with other materials to print transparent + color combinations, such as external transparent inner color models, and the flow monitoring parts with pipes。

Hard transparent cyan molding material RGD100LC

Hard transparent red molding material RGD100LM

Hard transparent yellow molding material RGD100LY

Hard transparent molding material RGD100T

Hard transparent molding material (blue phase) RGD100TC

RGD series of hard opaque materials:

It can be used to print hard precision devices and models, and can be combined with other materials to print opaque color medical models or complex multi-component assemblies。

Hard opaque blue - forming material RGD100C

Hard opaque red molding material RGD100M

Hard opaque yellow molding material RGD100Y

Hard opaque white molding material RGD100W

FLX series rubber molding material:

Can print flexible parts, increase model function experience, provide various details for advanced prototyping, enhance the personification application of medical model. It can also provide solutions for the printing of surgical training model and shoe customization。

Flexible transparent material FLX900T

Flexible cyan molding material FLX900C

Flexible red molding material FLX900M

Flexible yellow molding material FLX900Y

SUP series supporting materials:

Support material SUP5000 is a non - toxic, gel-like photosensitive resin supporting material, good performance, easy to remove。


High efficiency to print

Across the width of the grating build, as well as 3 groups of high performance nozzle of up to 3840 groups of piezoelectric nozzle combination of precise design, which can realize more rapid precise printing without secondary curing. Maximum resolution up to 14 & mu; The printing accuracy of m and 1800dpi can ensure that the excellent components and models of smooth and exquisite detail are obtained。

Product advantage

1、High efficiency full-color printing solution, speed up 30%;

2、The color molding effect is more abundant, increase hard transparent tonal color, flexible color material;

3、More channels, full color soft and transparent combined printing effect is more outstanding;

4、Diamond - level after-sales service;

5、Better integrated operating costs。

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